GSS Services

GSS partners with financial institutions to administer some of the world's largest Asset Backed Commercial Paper programs. GSS provides a complete back office solution for program sponsors.


Asset Backed Commercial Paper Programs

  • Leading CP administration services platform in the U.S.
  • CP administration customer base includes some of the largest sponsors in the world
  • U.S. and global CP issuers
  • Complete back office solutions for program sponsors
  • Responsible for day-to-day administration, accounting, and treasury services
  • Implementation of proprietary software
  • Development of SPE policies and procedures

GSS provides comprehensive corporate governance to the SPEs we establish on behalf of sponsors, ensuring that the entities are maintained in good corporate standing at all times.


SPE Management

  • Establish SPE at inception of transaction
  • Facilitate equity capital contributions
  • Prepare SPE organizational documents
  • Provide qualifed officers and directors
  • Conduct shareholder meetings
  • Maintain corporate minute book
  • Prepare and authorize corporate resolutions
  • Maintain SPE in good standing
  • Review, execute and maintain documents
  • Dissolve SPE at conclusion of transaction

GSS provides experienced individuals to serve as independent directors of unaffiliated SPVs to meet the complex legal requirements of bankruptcy-remoteness. 


Independent Directorship Services – Major Asset Classes

  • Trade and consumer receivables
  • Automobile loans / leases
  • Mortgages
  • Real estate financing
  • Intellectual property

Global’s diverse staff of accounting, treasury, tax and technology professionals provide sponsors the ability to delegate many of the back office functions of their programs. 


Administration Services

Treasury Services

  • Establish policies and procedures to manage delegated duties
  • Manage settlement of all products traded
  • Deliver custodial and IPA instructions and confirm timely fund transfers
  • Initiate wire transfer payments
  • Coordinate all transaction specific cash settlement procedures
  • Confirm and pay vendor invoices
  • Manage all cash flow activity
  • Monitor all program tests
  • Provide surveillance and investor reporting
  • Provide dealer performance and other analytical reports

Information Technology Services

  • Develop dedicated platform for delegated reporting and compliance activities
  • Design, implement and manage redundant data centers
  • Provide for, manage and test disaster recovery capabilities
  • Provide application support and development for both internal and external client requests

Accounting Services

  • Develop financial reporting control processes
  • Establish chart of accounts
  • Maintain general ledger
  • Reconcile asset and liability balances, analyze profit and loss results
  • Prepare periodic and annual financial statements under applicable reporting basis, including US GAAP, IFRS or income tax basis
  • Complete special management reporting based upon client needs
  • Facilitate audits of financial statements
  • Coordinate the delivery of financial results to the tax department

Tax Services

  • Obtain SPE federal tax ID number
  • Register the SPE with state tax authorities
  • Engage CPA firm
  • Review, execute and file applicable tax return filings and payments
  • Coordinate tax audits
  • Monitor tax law changes

Decades of experience coordinating partnership tax matters, a substantial U.S. presence, and regular dialogue with the IRS make designating GSS as a Partnership Representative a sound business decision. 


Partnership Representative

Effective for tax years beginning January 1, 2018, Internal Revenue Code Section 6223 calls for partnerships to designate a Partnership Representative on the entity’s tax return (Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income). The Partnership Representative will communicate with the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of the partnership in the event of an audit. Entities that do not name a Partnership Representative will have one assigned to them.

The rules apply to any domestic or foreign partnership, such as a Cayman Islands fund treated as partnership under IRS rules, which is required to file a partnership return in the United States. 

GSS has been coordinating tax matters for corporations and partnerships since 1996.  We work closely with general partners and professional advisors to ensure that any actions taken are in the best interests of the partnership. Our staff, program sponsors and tax professionals interact regularly with the IRS. The firm’s Partnership Representative solutions are built upon our capabilities and meet all IRS requirements.