Bernard J. Angelo

Managing Director

Bernard J. Angelo joined Global Securitization Service, LLC (“GSS”) in April 1997.  He actively assists clients and their legal counsel during the structuring phase of their transactions and assimilates bank sponsored commercial paper programs into the operating matrix at GSS.  Mr. Angelo has extensive experience in managing commercial paper and medium term note programs, as well as both the business and legal side of structured finance.  Fortune 1000 companies have selected Mr. Angelo to serve as Independent Director for their SPV subsidiaries established to finance commercial real estate, energy infrastructure and many classes of financial assets.

Prior to joining GSS, Mr. Angelo was an Assistant Vice President at Bankers Trust Company for four and half years where he was responsible for oversight of the treasury and accounting functions on the Corporate Trust side of structured transactions managed by the bank. 

Mr. Angelo received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Siena College in 1992.  He lives in Miller Place, New York with his wife and six children.

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