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Founded in 1996, Global Securitization Services, LLC specializes in the ownership and administration of special purpose entities (“SPEs”) established in connection with structured finance transactions. Our clients include domestic and international banks, investment banks, insurance companies, independent finance companies, investment funds, private equity funds, and industrial corporations. GSS’s focus is to provide SPEs with equity capital and independent officers and directors, as well as a full complement of back office administration services including accounting, treasury management, and corporate services. GSS is the largest independent provider of asset-backed commercial paper administration services in the world.

GSS has established long-term working relationships with our clients by providing professional, responsible and cost effective services. We appreciate the efforts of our clients in establishing SPE financing programs and recognize that the viability of these programs is dependent upon our ongoing efforts long after the program closes. Senior management positions at GSS are held by equity partners to whom our clients are given direct access at all times. Our partners and their colleagues always have, and always will, protect our most precious asset — the trust our clients place with us.

SPE Specialists

GSS establishes and provides equity capital to SPEs and offers ongoing corporate management services to ensure that the SPE remains in good standing in the jurisdictions in which it is qualified to do business.

Experienced Management

A privately held limited liability company, GSS is owned by senior management. The group is committed to strong corporate governance, and has a clear and effective framework for maintaining the highest ethical and business standards.

Strong Client Commitment

GSS commits to long-term working relationships with our clients, providing professional, responsible and cost effective services. Senior management positions at GSS are held by equity partners to whom our clients are given direct access.

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