Administration Services

Our diverse staff of accounting, treasury, tax and technology professionals provide sponsors the ability to delegate many of the back office functions of their programs.

Treasury Services

• Establish policies and procedures to manage delegated duties
• Manage settlement of all products traded
• Deliver custodial and IPA instructions and confirm timely fund transfers
• Initiate wire transfer payments
• Coordinate all transaction specific cash settlement procedures
• Confirm and pay vendor invoices
• Manage all cash flow activity
• Monitor all program tests
• Provide surveillance and investor reporting
• Provide dealer performance and other analytical reports

Accounting Services

• Develop financial reporting control processes
• Establish chart of accounts
• Maintain general ledger
• Reconcile asset and liability balances, analyze profit and loss results
• Prepare periodic and annual financial statements under applicable reporting basis, including US GAAP, IFRS or income tax basis
• Complete special management reporting based upon client needs
• Facilitate audits of financial statements
• Coordinate the delivery of financial results to the tax department

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